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DHL International Express:
  Our development of the transit via DHLs international express , such shipment ratio a large part of the current market shares, it is a general popular international express service, this service is fast , safe, reliable and convenience. It has particularly strong clearance capacity in the United States and Western Europe

FEDEX International Express:
  Our development of the transit via FEDEXs international express, this service is fast,convenient, safe and reliable, the United States one-day delivery service of the international heavy goods with special prices.

TNT International Express:
  Transit through the TNT international express ,the service is fast, convenient, safe and reliable, in Western Europe clearance capacity particularly strong.

UPS International Express:
  is one of the major domestic agents of UPS in China,our staff operate in Shenzhen adn Hong Kong to interim UPS business, operating flexibility and convenience.

International Direct Airlines:
  International Direct Airlines is our main business, its integrated service providers around the world.The advantages of a good price, process control, operational flexibility, security and fast delivery.We have direct airlines to about 40 countries, including collect,prepaid services.

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